Monday, August 13, 2007


Giusseppe's internet cafe has reopened, so now I have access to my pictures from our vacation happenings.

I still have a lot of content from Florence and Verona, as well as a recent trip to the seaside town of Otranto, so today I'll just post the best shots from Florence.

Our hostel in Florence was, without a doubt, the best hostel of all of our travels this summer. Only a two minute walk from the main train station, Luna Rossa hostel had only private rooms, with satellite television and internet connections in each room; neither of which are necessities, but nicities nonetheless. Oh, and the view from the third story window wasn't too shabby, either.

Our first night was spent wandering around the city, with few to no plans made beforehand.

We stumbled upon the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio almost accidentally, and I liken the shock I felt to the first time we saw the Colosseum or the Pantheon. Just knowing how long it took and to what lengths Brunelleschi had to go to complete the dome makes the novice architect shake his head in disbelief. Absolutely amazing.

We had made plans before we left Rome to meet up with our friend Dan on the Ponte Vecchio, sometime in the evening.

We eventually found him, and we decided to take the trek up the hundreds of steps to the Michelangelo Gardens on the opposite side of the Arno River. One of my advisors at school had told me before I left this summer to see the Michelangelo Gardens, if for nothing more than the view.

The best advice of the trip, by far.

Dan, Frankie and I spent the remainder of the daylight hours up there at a cafe with an amazing view, and not to mention one of the best beers this side of the Atlantic, Chimay.

We couldn't rationalize leaving the cafe until we saw a sunset, so we stayed, and we saw an amazing tramonto.

The next day we spent at the Uffizi Gallery, and I'm sad to say I have no pictures from the four hours we spent there. I was going to bring my camera, but Dan reminded me, yet again, that no picture can do those works justice. He was right.

The next day after the Uffizi we left for Verona, and that's where the next post will pick up.

Alla prossima.


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