Monday, July 23, 2007

Fire dancers.

**Edit**Until the video authorizes, there might be some difficulty viewing it.

Because of its close proximity to everything in Lecce, Piazza Duomo has become a central meeting place and a starting point for most, if not all nights. I was really surprised by the number of street performers in Lecce, and the fact that most of them are amazing at what they do only adds to their coolness, if you will.

I spotted these two performers late one night, and I had the forethought to have my camera ready. So, I present to you: awesome fire performer people, pt. 1.

Eventually, I plan on getting information and pictures/videos of all the unique street performers here, which would make for a neat post.

Thursday we're heading to a wine tasting seminar at a nearby winery, and next week we're off to an olive oil press to watch the magic happen (that is, the magic of Italian olive oil production). There's big stuff for the blog soon.

I hope everyone in the states is enjoying the moderately warm summer (81 degrees today? Oh, man), because here I sweat more in the shower than I do on the hottest day in Columbus. Today, it's 104, and yesterday, at the beach, it was almost 112 on the sand.

O, Dio mio.


Blogger Jeff Gromen said...

Amen it's hot! The only good thing about work is that they have decent AC.
If you get time to meet up then send something to my email salentoscum at yahoo dot com. I started that email after the look some "Northerns" gave me when I said I lived in Brindisi.


9:41 AM  
Blogger Menexenus said...

John, I did not know you and Frankie had a routine. Promise to show me another fire dance upon your return?


10:27 AM  

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